Meet the Chef

Chef Pringle founded Gardenia’s Custom Cakes & Catering, LLC while attending the International Culinary School at the Art Institute of Atlanta. Upon returning to South Carolina, Gardenia’s was officially incorporated in 2009. Chef Pringle gets his passion for Baking from his grandmother and artistic flair from his mother. Both of whom have heavily influenced Gardenia’s to this day.

The name “Gardenia’s” is derived from the flower’s meaning. In the language of flowers the Gardenia represents “grace”, but in the American south the Gardenia also evokes feelings of “Southern Hospitality.”

Therefore, at Gardenia’s we live by the slogan “Where Grace Meets Southern Hospitality” and it’s our aim to provide every customer with the highest level of professionalism and the utmost respect.

Chef, Desmond J. PringleExecutive Pastry Chef/Owner

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