Dessert Bar

At Gardenia’s we understand that sometimes you just don’t want cake, and yes we do find this hard to believe too! But to keep it interesting, we do offer full dessert catering. Our dessert catering can accommodate both small and large events.
  • Dessert Bars
  • Live Dessert Action Stations (please email for pricing information)
  • Chocolate Fountains (please email for pricing information.)
  • Dessert Bar Pricing:
    • Dessert Bar menu (click here)
    • Dessert Bars are priced at $15.25 per guest.
    • Minimum number of guest servings for dessert bars is 70 guest. At this number you’ll receive 210 pieces of assorted desserts (we estimate consumption at 3 pieces per guest).
    • We recommend 3-4 options for your dessert table. However, you are free to select more dessert options.
    • You may select up to 5 dessert options for your dessert tasting.
    • A Non-refundable, non-transferable retainer fee must be paid prior to setting up your dessert tasting appointment.


For orders involving multiple locations and/or multiple recipients located in different cities please email us

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