We recommend contacting us as soon as a date has been established for your wedding. Remember other brides are also checking their calendar for dates and oftentimes we receive many inquiries for the same date. So, once you’ve booked your venue and hired your wedding planner, contact us so we can start creating your dream wedding cake.

We recommend ordering your wedding cake or desserts 6 months-1 Year prior to your event date. However, weddings can be accommodated with less time if the requested event date is available. We encourage potential clients to contact us early as peak wedding months book rather quickly.
We encourage wedding clients to schedule a tasting and consultation 6 months-1 Year prior to your scheduled event date. While 6 months is ideal it’s actually a rather short time frame and most often than not, the date requested is already booked. While 6 months is optional, we believe scheduling your consultation at a minimum of 1-year before your scheduled event will most likely get your event date secured on our event calendar.
Prior to contacting us for your wedding dessert needs, it’s strongly encouraged that you prepare a design kit to include the following information. We will discuss these items during your consultation. We know you’re excited regarding your big day, but taking the time to have details regarding your wedding is crucial and makes for the most productive appointment. Your Design kit should include the following information:
  • Sample images of wedding cakes you like (we do no replicate our wedding cake designs and ask that your cake images not be of any of the cakes we’ve created)
  • Save-the-date notifications
  • Flower selections (both bouquet and table centerpieces)
  • Wedding invitations (if available)
  • Pictures of bridal gown
  • Pictures of the brides maids dresses
  • Groom’s/ Groomsmen attire
  • Wedding décor inspiration pictures for ceremony and reception
  • Color Swatches or color images
  • The short answer is yes you can, but we will only meet with clients no more than a year before their scheduled event for a tasting or consultation. For clients who are for certain they want to secure Gardenia’s services and their event date is greater than 1-year, please contact us.
    We conduct all consultations and tastings once per month due to our busy production schedule. 5-7 appointments are scheduled during each tasting event. Tastings are conducted mainly on Saturday, but on rare occasions, we conduct them on Sunday.
    Currently, we schedule tastings based on the availability of the event date for clients who complete our inquiry form found on our contact page. But, we’ve heard you loud and clear; soon, you’ll be able to schedule your tasting online via our online store. We are still working on specifics, so stay tuned.
    Our cake tasting is $75.00. For wedding and celebration cake tastings we only allow 3 guest (bride, groom, and event planner) and a celebration client may invite two guest of their choosing. If a wedding client doesn’t have a planner, they are free to invite a guest of their choosing.
    Wedding and custom celebration cakes are designed specifically for you and your event. We price our cakes by the number of guest servings and the design. Our cakes start at a base price of $10 per guest/serving. While this is the base starting price, a final per servings cost is generated once your design is finalized and approved. The only difference between a wedding and a celebration cake is what you call the event. The same amount of work is involved for both wedding and celebration cakes and in some cases a celebration cake can cost as much if not more than a wedding cake due to the number of fine details. During your consultation we discuss this information in greater detail.
    We get this question often LOL!. And the answer is, YES WE DO! While we do produce many wedding cakes, we enjoy creating celebration cakes a well.
    As with wedding cakes, dates book rather quickly. At minimum, we require 2-weeks notice for all birthday and celebration cakes, pending date availability. Like wedding cakes, custom celebration cakes can book 6 months or more in advance. We encourage clients even thinking about having a custom celebration cake for their event to contact us to check for date availability. WE DO NOT ACCEPT WEDDING OR CUSTOM CELEBRATION CAKE ORDERS WITH LESS THAN 2-WEEKS' NOTICE BEFORE YOUR EVENT!
    We offer our dessert cakes for clients who need a cake, but without all the bells and whistles of a custom creation. Also, we are currently working on an online store where you’ll be able to order a dessert cake or other sweet treats, stay tuned!
    Currently, all wedding and custom celebration cakes are fondant designed only as this is our preferred medium. We offer our dessert cakes for clients who prefer a buttercream cake, but we don’t customize these options. Dessert cakes are decorated with the appropriate garnish based on the flavor selected and you may include an inscription such as Happy Birthday, Happy Anniversary, etc.
    We understand that sometimes you just don’t want cake and while we still find this hard to believe lol, we offer dessert displays and interactive dessert stations. Click here to see our current menu for our dessert bars.
    Gardenia’s Offers Custom Wedding, Groom, Birthday, and Celebration Cakes. We also offer Mini Dessert Bars, Live Interactive Dessert Stations, and Chocolate Fountains. In addition, we offer everyday dessert cakes for you to enjoy at home. For Corporate Clients, we offer sheets cakes, and assorted cookie/treat platters where the guest count is greater than 100. Must be a licensed and registered business in the State of South Carolina for these services. WE DO NOT OFFER: Sheet Cakes, Edible Image Picture Cakes for birthdays, and smaller in-home events

    For orders involving multiple locations and/or multiple recipients located in different cities please email us gardeniascustomcakes@gmail.com

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