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At Gardenia's, we pull inspiration from you, our client and the world around us. Our collections showcase trends in wedding design coupled with our own whimsical flair. The cakes presented are meant to stimulate the mind and spark your own creativity.

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Cascading Orchids

Nothing says love more than flowers. Flowers evoke many emotions ranging from friendship to the ultimate display which is love. While fresh flowers perish, we encourage couples to go with handmade sugar flowers. We are aware the expense of sugar flowers, but sometimes less is more and a few flowers can be just as bold as a full cascade. Sugar flowers are beautiful and the best part is they’ll last a very long time; just as long as you don’t drop them. Keep them as a forever reminder of your special day.

Be Bold in Gold

Silver and Gold, two timeless colors that evoke opulence and sparkle. Both colors when used appropriately can create the wow factor that many modern brides look for. We encourage brides to pair these colors against a soft to even bold color palates for the most striking presentation. We do realize both colors can become overwhelming at times, but the look is both modern and classic and will sure to be almost as beautiful as the bride herself.

Dare To Be Different

Traditions are important. They remind of our past to help build our future. Today’s brides are opting for a cake just as unique as they are. Your cake doesn’t have to be all white, nor does it have to be completely round. Shapes and textures play a vital role in creating a cake where couples want something fresh that uniquely represents them as a couple. Modern design allow couples to explore their personality and offer guest a different perspective of what a wedding can be.

Timeless Romance

Oftentimes when I meet with brides, the one word that comes up is ‘Romance’. For many brides romance can mean many things, but in most cases, they desire something that’s sophisticated yet classic, beautiful, but bold at the same time. Often when I think of romance pearls come to mind. Pearls are very classic, sophisticated, yet can be very romantic when paired with textures. Pearls are timeless, traditional, but at the same time bold and playful.

Color is Your Friend

Color!, the one thing that many brides shy away from, but are now starting to come around to the idea of using color, even the use of bold colors. Modern brides today, want sparkle, flair, and now color. Color can be viewed as a modern school of thought when it comes to wedding cakes; but today’s brides are ditching tradition and adding more color to their special day. Have fun; it’s your day and there’s nothing wrong with adding color; just make sure you use it appropriately.

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